Life with two!

A blog about our little family of four and the joy we find in our everday lives!

This past weekend we rested, worked in the yard, hung out with each other and with your Aunt Robyne and Mama cleaned the house! It was a wonderful weekend of rest and checking some things off our to do list! I loved that on Sunday it was just the three of us because it hasn’t been just the three of us in awhile! Your Aunt Robyne has been living here and while I love your Auntie, it was time for us to have some just the three of us time!:)

 I love you sweet boy and cannot believe you are five months and almost a week old!!! I keep asking myself where has the time gone!? I love every minute with you and I know your daddy does too. I love that you always have a smile on your face and that you truly are one amazing, happy baby! I am looking forward to our weekend together as a family and I think we finally get to go meet and see your cousin Hadley as well as her sweet mom Stephanie (Who I’ve only met once, but feel like we are longtime friends:) John and the Kirby crew as well as time with Mimi and Poppy!! I love you buddy. I better go wake you now for our appointment downtown at 1! I hate to wake you because you are taking such a good nap and I have just managed to get you back on a great schedule this week! I love you!


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