Life with two!

A blog about our little family of four and the joy we find in our everday lives!

This past weekend.

This past weekend Mimi (Derrick’s mom) came to visit for the whole weekend while Butch, your poppy was in Spain on a mission’s trip! We didn’t have a whole lot planned for her visit, but we wanted to go to the park, work on the house, specifically the room over the garage, cook, go visit a church, etc. What we ended up doing was a little different, but we did at least get to work on the room over the garage some, I cooked a lot for Mimi and Dada and we also visited a new church. Misty, your aunt, called me on Friday night and ┬áinvited us to The Great Wolf Lodge with her and your cousin Julien on Saturday so we decided last minute to go. I am so glad we did because we don’t get to see Julien as often as we would like and we had such a good time with him. You are a little young to enjoy Great Wolf Lodge, but Daddy and I took you in the water for a little bit anyway. You were not a fan! This is an understatement. Maybe in a few years you will really love a water park just like your cousin Julien!!

Mimi arrived in town Friday afternoon around 3pm and as soon as she got here you were hungry so I fed you and then we all left to go to the grocery store which was a much easier errand with Mimi in tow! I had made a list earlier in the day and knew exactly what I needed, but as soon as we got there you fell asleep so we stayed a little longer than I actually needed to! After the grocery store we headed back home so I could get started on dinner. I had decided to make Giada’s lemon spaghetti with fresh basil, yummy, crusty bread and a mixed green salad. The lemon spaghetti was so good and you even let me sit down to eat with Daddy and Mimi, so thank you for that. After dinner we decided to just relax and talk and watch a little tv. Saturday morning we woke up, made a big breakfast and got started on the room over the garage. The room has been and still is a mess, but we made a dent in it, thank goodness! Then we got ready to go to the Great Wolf Lodge! I made sandwiches, got us all packed up and we hit the road!

We arrived at the lodge around 2pm and Misty and Julien had just arrived as well. We headed to their room and then to the water park where we played and talked and relaxed. We stayed till around 6:30 and had so much fun at the water park. Your Aunt Misty invited us back for a day of fun the next day, but we decided to not go because you just didn’t really love being there! I am glad overall you were a happy camper and let Mimi give you a bottle so mama could play a little and have some fun!! When we arrived home I made dinner again. I cooked another Giada recipe of tilapia and we had more salad, bread and leftover lemon spaghetti. Your mimi had mentioned renting Courageous so Dada went to the redbox and picked it up for us! It had it’s cheesy moments, but overall it was a really good movie with a great message!

Sunday we decided to visit a local church. We went to Huntersville United Methodist church and we liked it, but didn’t love it. It was pretty casual and the preacher only spoke for about five minutes, but everyone was very friendly to us. They were having a church picnic on Sunday and invited us to stay so we did. We ate hot dogs and bbq for lunch and tried some pies as well. I am glad we got to try out a new church, but we still haven’t found the one for us yet. You were an absolute angel though and were so quiet during the entire service. Daddy fed you a bottle and you passed out after thirty minutes into the service so that helped. I took some great pictures on Saturday and cannot wait to share. Overall it was a lovely weekend and so nice to spend most of it at home. Here are some pictures from our weekend!