Life with two!

A blog about our little family of four and the joy we find in our everday lives!

Happy 6 months old sweet pea!

Dearest Sweet, lovable, handsome, precious Nicholas! I cannot believe you are already six months old! Where has the time gone? I love love love every single minute with you and love that God has blessed us with YOU! Sometimes I just cannot believe how blessed we are, but God is so good to us and you are the best gift your daddy and I have ever received! You have grown by leaps and bounds these past few weeks and are even starting to crawl just a little, I cannot believe it! Here are your stats for your 1/2 year birthday! We love you more than words could ever say!

Weight/Length: 24 pounds and around 28 to 29 inches according to my measurements!

Feeding: You are back to taking a bottle as needed, although, you didn’t want to take one from Daddy at cousin Bekah’s wedding! You are still nursing like a champ, every three, sometimes four hours. Sometimes you like to take little breaks from nursing, especially in the mornings, but then are ready to eat a little more shortly after a small break. You tried your first rice cereal this past Friday and some sweet potatoes. You seemed to like the rice cereal okay, but not the sweet potatoes! We will keep trying!

Sleeping: 10 to 11 hours a night! I’m impressed and so thankful. You also take two naps a day, one very short, maybe thirty minutes to an hour and one long one, a couple of hours!

Firsts this week/Milestones: You got up on your hands and knees and are starting to scoot yourself around a little, I think you will be crawling before we know it! I have been working with you on this a little and it really has seemed to help. While Gigi and Grandaddy were here yesterday you were all over the place. You love to get up into a push-up or plank position and love to get up on your hands and knees or try to pull your body across the floor so that you can get to your toy of choice. You seem to not want to take naps as much this week or maybe you just don’t want to be away from mama. I am not sure, but I am always tweaking your schedule to fit your needs because some days you just seem more tired or tired earlier or later than normal, but for the most part I am trying to be tough and put you down in the morning and early afternoon for two good naps.

Things I am thankful for: You, your daddy, Gigi and Grandaddy’s visit and that we all got to be together for Father’s day and Bekah and Kyle’s wedding this weekend. I am so glad we all got to attend! A wonderful first father’s day for your sweet daddy!

Things I am looking forward to: Going to SC for Paula and Ryan’s wedding reception this weekend and for our five day trip to visit Alls, Rog, the kids and mom and dad next weekend!! Most of all I cannot wait for our Beach trip to Seabrooke in August!

Next pediatrician appointment: This Friday, June 22nd! Your six month well visit.

I love you so much.